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“Como hacer tu propio santuario”/ “How to Make Your Own Sanctuary”


Columbia City Gallery, Seattle. Shifting Tides Exhibition.

Trabajo inspirado en la devoción del Gauchito Gil.  Es un santo pagano humilde y no oficial. Hay cientos de sus santuarios al costado de las carreteras, construcciones improvisadas. La gente deja ofrendas allí para quienes las necesiten. El Gauchito fue ejecutado y se cree que su sangre tiene poderes curativos.

La pandemia me arrojó a un país extranjero. No pude volver. Sin herramientas ni mis materiales habituales. Solo arboles y aire. Caminé y caminé. Recogí ramas caídas. Obsesivamente. Desbasté. Tallé. Lijé. Ahuequé.

Di forma. Me corté (y sangré). Descubrí el lenguaje del bosque.

Acariciando las ramas construí mis santuarios. Dejé mis ofrendas. Espero que llegue más gente

Que podamos estar juntos.


I was inspired by popular devotions in Argentina. One of the most popular ones is Gauchito Gil. He is a humble, unoficial pagan saint. There are hundreds of his sanctuaries on the side of roads, improvised constructions. People leave offerings there for those in need to retrieve. The Gauchito was executed and his blood is believed to have healing powers. I was always fascinated by the power of desire and need, how people create from almost nothing a place where to heel together. 


The pandemic threw me into a foreign country. I couldn´t go back. No tools or my regular materials. Just trees and air. I walked and walked. I picked up fallen branches. Obsessively. I scabbled. Smothed. Sanded. Hollowed. Flared. Cut myself. I discovered the words of the wood. Caressing the stems I built my sanctuaries. Left my offerings. I hope more people arrive. That we can be together.


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