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“Blindada /Armored”

Tejido basado en una foto de mi espalda + foto del impacto de una bala. La espalda es el lugar de la vulnerabilidad. 


Weaving based on a photo of my back + the photo of the impact of a bullit. The back is the place of vulnerability. People I know who needed to hide during the dictatorship period in my country of origin, Argentina, never seats with the back to the door. You can not see the peril that way. I developed a problem in my bone narrow after a very stressful period.It is a meaningful place, literally and metaphorically, the place were the world impact you

Descripción Técnica:

102 cm 152 cm

Materiales: Lino y algodón

Técnica: Jacquard electrónico con pasada de trama manual


Materials: Linen, cotton.

Technique: Hand woven on computer-controlled jacquard loom.

Ph: Violeta Pels

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